Entry Information

Do you have a waiting list?

Sorry we don’t have a waiting list for this event.

I paid by Klarna, when will my next payment be due?

Your agreement is with Klarna, please check your individual account with them.

I can no longer take part - what options do I have?

If you notify us more than 36 days before the event (28/07/2023) you can withdraw and receive a 50% refund of your entry fee (booking fees are not refundable under any circumstances).
If you decide that you need to withdraw later than 36 days before the event, unfortunately it is too close to the event for us to do anything other than remove you from the start list and refund any extras like Parking if they have not been issued. If you are ill or injured, you may be eligible for Free Protection Insurance offered by our booking partner, Lets Do This. Please contact them directly at Support@LetsDoThis.com

Can I defer my entry to 2024?

Sorry we don’t offer deferrals for this event.

Can I transfer my entry to another event in 2023?

Sorry, we don’t offer transfers for this event.

Can I sell my place to a friend?

Sorry but we cannot allow transfers between athletes under any circumstances.

Can I change my Individual entry to a Relay?

If you notify us more than 36 days before the event (by 28/07/2023), we can offer an option to change your entry to a Relay place. So e.g. if you have an injury which prevents you from running, you could team up with someone else. A £25 fee will apply to cover the additional racers and the administration, you can pay this by calling the office (01522 699956) before the deadline.
Additional terms may apply – see the full Terms and Conditions for details.

Can I change my Relay entry to an Individual entry?

If you notify us more than 36+ days before the event (by 28/07/2023), a Relay Team Entry can be converted to one Individual Entry i.e. one Relay team member can convert their place to an Individual race and the other one/two relay team members will not race. No refunds are payable on the initial registration fee.
Additional terms may apply – see the full Terms and Conditions for details.

Can I enter as a relay team and how many team members do I need.

Yes, you can enter a relay team. This can be a team of 2 or 3.

Can I change my relay team members?

Yes, you can change the details of Relay team members up to 16 days before the event (17/08/2023).

Is there an elite wave I can enter?

Sorry there isn’t an elite wave.


Pre Event Information

Are there separate Age Group categories & awards?

Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each age group. Please note that your age group is decided based on your age on 31/12/2023 (NOT your age on race day).

How do I find the venue?

Travelling from the A616 your car park entrance can be found at this what3words address: ///embodied.walks.obstinate
Travelling from the A614 your car park entrance can be found at this what3words address: ///clinked.poses.tweaked
Download what3words for iPhone users and Android users.

Can I camp onsite?

Yes, we plan to build a bespoke camp site at the venue which will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. There will be more information on this soon. The link to book is on the event overview page. There is also a dedicated Camping page with information and links to book for all of the events.

What other accommodation is available?

There is a range of accommodation options available in the local area.

When/how will I receive my race pack?

Race packs will all be available to collect at the Registration marquee on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning in the Event Village before you rack your bike. Specific opening times will be communicated nearer the event date in your Race Information.
Please remember to bring photo ID with you (a photo on your phone is fine as long as all relevant details are visible). No ID, No Race Pack.

When do I have to rack my bike?

All bike racking will be on Race morning.
You will need to Register first and put on your wrist band and bike stickers before you can rack. There is no access to Transition without your wristband and you must keep it on until you have removed all your belongings after the race. Specific opening times will be communicated nearer the event date in your Race Information.

Are there route maps available and can I train on the course?

Full course maps will only be made available closer to the event, this is because the event takes place on private land and we ask you to respect the owners privacy. A modified Bike Route map will be available which allows you to ride the road route from the normal Thoresby Park visitor car park.
Please do not attempt to access the lake or sections of the bike or run route on the estate which are normally closed to public access. When training on the course, please be cautious and mindful that on race day we have specific traffic management in place to make it safer for you.
It is possible that our published routes may be subject to change, however we are confident that these are the routes that will be used.

Can I swim in the lake prior to the race?

Sorry, there are no opportunities to swim in the lake prior to the event. The lake is on private land and we ask you to respect the owners privacy.

What temperature will the Lake be?

This is entirely dependent on the weather in the preceding weeks. We will not know definitively until the temperature is measured on the morning of the event.

How hilly is the bike course and what type of bike would you recommend?

The course is fairly flat with rolling sections and no steep hills of note. A road or TT bike is suitable.

What is the terrain on the run and what shoes do you recommend?

The run is mostly flat on paths, farm roads and well maintained trails. Most athletes wear road shoes, but if it’s very wet, you may wish to consider trail shoes.

Are there cut-off times for each section?

Yes, to ensure the smooth & safe organisation of the event, we have some specific cut-off times. All of the cut-off times are based on your start time. You need to be ahead of the cut off at all times, you will not be able to rely on catching time up later in the course. If you are behind you will be asked to leave the race.
Swim Cut Off – 30 minutes after start.
Bike Finish Cut-Off – 2 hours after start.
Run Finish – 3 hours after start.

Do people miss the cut off times, and if so, what happens to them?

Unfortunately some people do miss the cut offs and we have to remove them from the race before they finish.
You must be ahead of the cut offs at every stage of the race – if you miss one, you will not be allowed to continue on the assumption that you can make up time later in the course.
If you miss a cut off you will not be allowed to continue and you will either need to make your own way back to transition or we will transport you back to the venue if required.


Event Day Infomation

What time does the event start?

The race will start with the first competitors setting off at 8am. You will need to check your race information nearer the time for your individual start time.

Are there changing and transition tents?

No, not for this race. Your race equipment must be stored by your bike. Additional kit will either be held in a bag storage area or next to your bike depending on the latest race regulations or you can leave it with your supporters.
Please keep all bags a reasonable size i.e. airline cabin baggage size.

What are the common mistakes made by competitors?

Failing to read the Race Information is the biggest issue we come across. Many athletes could reduce their stress and errors by taking the time to read the Race Information fully. Please read your Race Information carefully when you get it so you know how everything will work.

What nutrition do you have on the course?

High 5 is our on-course nutrition partner. We will have energy drink, gels and water available on the run course.

Where should I start on the swim?

You will be allocated a swim start time based on the information you provide – the start will be a time trial format where you start in pairs or smaller wave groups, this will be confirmed in your race information. Please ensure that you arrive to the swim start at your allocated time.
You do not have to dive in races where a diving start is allowed – you will be able to jump or slide into the water if you prefer. If you are a nervous swimmer or find that you are being overtaken, you may find it better to position yourself to the side of the main racing line.

How many feed stations are there & where are there?

There will be one drink station on the run.

How do competitors get a penalty or DQ in the race?

You can only receive a penalty or disqualification from a BTF Official. To avoid being disqualified or penalised, ensure you are familiar with the BTF rules and follow them at all times e.g.
· Do not cross the centre line of the road (ride on the correct side at all times), especially when cornering.
· Do not urinate in public, there are plenty of toilets at all feed stations on the course and in transition.
· Don’t ride dangerously, please ensure that you adhere to the Highway Code.
· Don’t behave in a rude or aggressive manner.
· Don’t draft – ensure you keep your distance from other riders. Once you pass someone it is their responsibility to drop back. There are motorbike referees on the course.
· Do not drop litter!



What can family do while I am racing?

Thoresby Park is a huge venue with plenty of space for visitors to enjoy. There are onsite facilities including a café and shop.
On race day, there is a great atmosphere at the venue and spectators get to see you multiple times during the run as well as cheer the other competitors. We will have a race expo, food outlets etc.
Please note – spectators cannot access the lakeside to watch the swim due to insufficient space.

Is there WiFi at the venue?

No, Wifi is not available and phone signals are very variable across the site. Please ensure you download details you may need like your Race Licence and emails before you arrive.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome on the race site but they must stay on a lead.



I have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQs, how can I contact you?

Email us at info@osbevents.com or call on 01522 699950.
Please note that the office will close 4pm Wednesday before the race weekend, after this point you will only be able to reach us via Facebook or at Enquiries on site.