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The swim takes place in the private lake on Holkham Estate against the backdrop of the impressive Holkham Hall, in waved starting groups. A single looped course is followed by just a short run to transition.



Once out of the water, the undulating, one lap bike course will take you on an unforgettable journey through some of the most beautiful countryside and coastal roads North Norfolk has to offer.


13.1 MILES

The run course undulates around the spectacular Holkham Estate where the stunning scenery and crowd support will help combat any fatigue as you power towards the finish line!


Entry Information

Do you have a waiting list?

Once the race is full, we do not have a waiting list and entries will not reopen once they are sold out. The only way to get into the Outlaw Half Holkham once it is sold out is via our official charities – Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) or Alzheimer’s Research UK.

I entered using the payment plan, how do I pay my next instalment?

Once you have paid your initial deposit, your instalments will be taken automatically, using the card details you gave when you originally entered. If your card expires or becomes invalid and the payment cannot be taken you will be sent an email by Active to let you know. You will then need to log in to your Active account at and if you click on Billing Management you will be able to add your new card details and make the payment.

I am unable to take part; can I transfer or sell my place to a friend?

Transfers to another athlete are not permitted. If you are unable to take part, please contact us at to officially withdraw. We will then organise a partial refund for you dependant on the date you inform us of your withdrawal. Refund amounts vary dependent on when you withdraw. Please check our terms and conditions for more information.
If you have entered using the payment plan your initial payment is not refundable. If you have completed your payments, we can issue a partial refund based on the terms and conditions.
It is possible to transfer your entry to a different Outlaw 2021 event (provided they haven’t sold out), for a fee of £25, plus any additional entry fees payable. This must be done at least 4 weeks before the date of the event you originally entered. You can do this by calling the office on 01522 699950.
It is also possible to change your entry to a relay until four weeks before the event. There will be a £30 increase in Entry fee, plus £10 processing fee to pay. You can do this within your Active account, or by calling the office on 01522 699950.

Can I change my individual entry into a relay entry?

It is possible to change your entry to a relay up to 4 weeks before the event. This should be done by calling 01522 699950. There will be a £30 increase in entry fee plus a £10 Admin fee to pay.

Can I change my relay team members?

Yes, you can. Up to four weeks before the event, this should be done via your Active account at Changes after this date can be made by contacting our office on 01522 699950 up until 20 June 2021, after this date no further changes can be made.

How do I enter the elite wave?

You need to have evidence of being capable of sub 5 hours if you’re a woman or sub 4:30 if you’re male. If the event isn’t sold out, you can enter via the event entry system and select ‘elite wave’ during the process. We will review the names in this entry list to ensure that athletes meet the minimum criteria. If the event is sold out, please contact us via and we will do our best to accommodate you if there is space.
Please note, athletes entered in the Elite wave are not eligible for Age Group prizes.


Pre-Event Information

How do I find the venue?

Camping Entrance:

The entrance to the campsite can be found via The Golden Gates at this what3words address: ///last.upsetting.frosted

From here follow the signage to campsite check in.
Car Park Entrance:
The entrance to the event car park is via The North Gate at this what3words Address: ///foresight.sulked.observe
From here follow the signage and direction of the Parking Stewards.
Download what3words for iPhone users and Android users

Can I camp onsite?

Yes, we plan to build a bespoke camp site at the venue.
There will be pitches suitable for tents and motorhomes and you can also book an electric hook up if you need it. There is a maximum of 6 people per pitch with 2 people included in the pitch fee. Well behaved dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead at all times.

What other accommodation is available?

The average price of accommodation is fairly low, but you are advised to book well in advance as this is a popular holiday destination and hotel/B&B accommodation can be limited.

When/how will I receive my race pack?

It will be posted to you. If you have not received it by Wednesday 30 June, please let us know by calling the office and letting us know your race number. The phone number is 01522 699950.
We will keep in touch with you with news and information about the event. If you do not receive any emails from us, first check your junk mail/spam folder and make sure to list as a safe sender. Check that you entered your email address correctly by logging into the entry system. If you still don’t receive anything, please contact us to ensure that we have correct address. It’s important that you can receive the emails as this is how we will let you know about course info and much more.

Are there separate Age Group waves & awards?

Yes, there will be Age Groups waves, likely starting from 6.30am through to 7.30am. Expect there to be approximately 250-300 competitors per wave. There are prizes for the top 3 in each category. There is a separate elite wave, which the fastest competitors can elect to go into based on their previous results.
Note: your age group is decided based on your age on 31/12/2021

When do I have to register & rack my bike?

Registration will be open on Friday afternoon & all day Saturday. All bike racking will take place on Saturday afternoon only. There are no other options and you must bring photo ID with you.

Are there route maps available?

Yes, the course maps are available for you to download from our website. It is possible that these routes may be subject to change, however we are confident that these are the routes that will be used.
You are not currently allowed to swim at Holkham Hall during the year, it is only permitted during the race weekend. We will know closer to the event whether a training swim will be available but note that this has not been possible in previous years.
The bike course uses some beautiful roads, which you will be able to ride whenever you wish. Remember that we will have traffic management on the course on race day, so it will be more suitable for racing than it may appear during a visit in the lead up to the event. We would recommend that if you are riding the whole course for a training ride, that you take extra care on the A148 & A149 as these roads can be busy at peak tourism times.
The run course will be difficult to cover during a training run. However, there is a Park Run based at Holkham Hall, which uses a very similar route. The run route will have 3 laps & three feed stations per lap. The run is fairly hilly, we recommend you prepare accordingly!

Do people miss the cut off times, and if so what happens to them?

Yes, they do, but not many. A few will miss the swim cut off and those that miss it on the bike usually have had mechanical issues so please do not leave it until the day before if your bike hasn’t been serviced in months – we do have mechanics on the course but they can’t fix major issues.
Anyone missing the cut off times will be asked to stop and be transported back to the venue if necessary. You need to be ahead of the cut off at all times, you can’t rely on catching time up later in the course if you are well behind it you will be asked to return to the venue.

What temperature will the Lake be?

This is entirely dependent on the weather in the preceding weeks. We will not know definitively until the temperature is measured on the morning of the event.

Can I swim without a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are always compulsory for Outlaw events.
You can wear a sleeveless wetsuit, but you must wear one. No Wetsuit no race.

How hilly is the bike course?

It’s undulating with a few climbs and some nice fast sections. Overall the roads are generally quiet with some technical sections. Open areas can be prone to the wind.

What type of bike would you recommend using?

A TT bike with standard gears will be absolutely fine and those wishing to use disk wheels are advised to check the wind before making a decision regarding this. Road bikes are also absolutely fine with either compact or standard gearing – it’s unlikely you’ll need your small chain ring!

What is the terrain on the run?

It’s a fairly challenging run and you need to prepare accordingly. The surface is a mixture of tarmac, concrete, sandstone and some grass.


Event Day Information

Are there changing and transition tents?

No, all of your triathlon equipment is stored at your racking point – race equipment only. Transition bags/boxes can be left in a secure area.

What are the cut off times?

Swim 1 hour 10 minutes after your wave start, with a further 10 minutes allowed to reach bike mount
Bike 5 hours 20 minutes after your wave start
Run 9 hours 00 minutes after your wave start

Can I carry a mobile phone on the course?

You can carry mobile phone, but it must not be used in any distractive manner during the race.

When should I eat the morning of the race?

Everyone develops their own strategy but most have their breakfast around two to three hours before the start. Make sure to drink lots of water and pay attention to your hydration especially in hot weather. Take a gel or two 15-30mins before the start.

What nutrition do you have on the course?

High5 is our sports nutrition partner. During the bike you can get 750ml bottles of water or High5 citrus energy source. There will also be mixed flavored High5 gels plus caffeine gels available on the bike course. There will be bananas too. There are 2 feed stations on the bike course at 24.8 miles, just after Fring and 46.6 miles just before West Barsham.
On the run there are various cups of drink including High5 Zero, flat cola and water, as well as High5 ISO and ISO+ caffeine gels, jaffa cakes, crisps and bananas. There are 3 feed stations on the run course.

How do competitors get a DQ in the race?

Be familiar with the current BTF rules. In particular, do not cross the centre line of the road (ride on the correct side at all times). Do not urinate in public, there are plenty of toilets at drink stations on the bike course. You need to wear clothing that covers your midriff & do not drop litter!

What gets you a penalty?

Penalties are usually for drafting. Be familiar with the current BTF rules. Once you pass someone, it’s their responsibility to drop back. There are motorbike referees on the course. Repeat drafters will get a DQ.

Where should I start on the swim?

Each wave will be around 300 people and will spread out really quickly, so you’ll have a lot of space to swim. If you are quick (25mins or below) you should start at the front of your wave. If you expect to be nearer the cut off, like your own space or are nervous then start at the back. After the first few seconds everyone will have sprinted off and you can start in your own time.

How should I pace the swim?

Fast swimmers will sprint off to establish space for themselves in front of everyone else. Slower swimmers should start slowly over the first 200-400m and then aim to work back up the pack gradually.



What can family do while I’m racing?

Holkham Hall has lots of things to do, many people travel for many hours to spend the day at Holkham – you can simply walk around the venue, spotting lots of wildlife, including literally thousands of deer. You can visit any of the four wonderful cafes, stroll along the beach, just a couple of miles from the transition area. There is also the option to hire bikes, visit the awesome children’s playground and don’t forget on the race weekend there will be the event expo and food outlets to visit.

Will there be live results / tracking?

Yes, check for updates on this via our website nearer to the event.



I have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQs, how can I contact you?

Visit our Contact Us page and get in touch.