Route Maps

Swim Course

750 Metres

The swim is a very simple route. Starting at the boat house end of the lake you will swim straight down the lake towards the Tower where you’ll then make a left turn to swim straight across the lake before making a 2nd left turn to swim straight back to exit the lake under the Swim Exit Gantry.

Bike Course

19 KM

The bike course is flat and as fast as you want it to be. Keeping the lake on your left as you head to the top of the lake to taking 2 left bends, the 2nd a little tighter than the 1st, before heading straight back up the lake and taking the 2 left hand bends, again the 2nd being tighter than the 1st to complete your 1st of 2 laps.

Run Course

5 KM

The run route will test your legs on a single 2.5km loop which will see you loop to an out and back section on the far side of the lake, so there’s no opportunity to relax as your spectators will be cheering you on as you’ll be in full view from the Grandstand, before looping round to finish down the orange carpet back in front of the Grandstand.