Elite Wave Criteria

Outlaw Triathlon Series – Elite Wave Criteria


There will be no elite waves available in the 2020 events.


It is our intention for elite waves to return in 2021.


Athletes wishing to take part in the elite wave at any of our Half distance events must be capable to recording a time under 5hours (female) or 4hrs30 (male). There is no elite wave at Outlaw Nottingham (the full) – all competitors at that event start at the same time.


Ability to perform up to the required standard for the elite wave is based on previous results over the same distance – it is not necessary to hold a professional triathlon license. Performances at shorter or longer events will be considered as an indication of ability.


The elite waves start ahead of all others, ensuring that the first athlete across the finishing line should be the overall winner. Athletes in the elite wave are not eligible for Age Group prizes.


We reserve the right to ask for verification of results and to suggest that athletes would be better suited in an Age Group wave if we feel that this would result in a better event experience.