Commitment to Female Athletes

We are making commitments on this International Women’s Day. We want to ensure that our races provide opportunity and an exceptional experience for everyone taking part in Outlaw Triathlon events, and have implemented a few small steps, which we hope will make a big difference to women.

NEW Female Only Facilities: Female only toilets at our race sites and at feed stations. These will be stocked with sanitary products.

NEW Pregnancy Deferral Policy*: Defer your entry for up to two years.

Start Waves: All our events operate a time trial start format based on submitted swim time, or a mass start. Seed yourself based on your ability, not gender.

Representation and Staffing: All of our communication promotes equal representation; we award equal prizes, and our staff and crew team comprises of lots of brilliant women.

Zero Tolerance: We enforce a no-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind so that everyone feels safe and welcome at our events.

Free Access to Events: Through Fund Her Tri UK, first-time female athletes can take part in the Outlaw Sprint through their sponsorship program aimed at supporting those with financial barriers.

We aim to make our events better and better each year, even if we are already recognised independently as one of the best triathlon organisers! Every piece of post-race survey feedback is considered and has gone into shaping he policies and initiatives above.

Please spread the word that Outlaw is proactively trying to encourage more women into triathlon and promoting athlete friendly race day experiences for ALL atheltes.

*see terms and conditions HERE