Jack Hindle and Chloe Sparrow were the top male and female athletes at Outlaw Half Holkham 2023, which doubled as the British Middle Distance Triathlon Championships on 9 July. In winning, they now qualify to race as professional triathletes.

Chloe Sparrow is a member of Team Outlaw, which was set up to help aspiring professional athletes as well as supporting local heroes and athletes with interesting stories.

On her application, Sparrow said that being part of Team Outlaw would help her achieve her dream to race professionally. She put together an incredible performance in Holkham, leading from start to finish.

Hindle fought hard to overtake Matt Collins in the closing stages of the run leg. Collins had made a break for it on the final climb, only to be overtaken by Hindle.

Collins, another member of Team Outlaw will race again in search of his professional license at Outlaw X.

You can watch a short documentary film about Sparrow and Collins HERE.


Outlaw Half Holkham Results

1. Jack Hindle, RAF Tri, 3:56:15
2. Matthew Collins, Loughborough Tri, 3:57:20
3. Alexander Jones, Western Tempo, 3:59:29

1. Chloe Sparrow, Speedhub, 4:22:35
2. Katie Phipkin, Riot Racing, 4:23:24
3. Rosie Wild, Army Tri, 4:24:58