Mass Start Returns for Outlaw Nottingham

Outlaw Nottingham, the original full distance event that is part of the award-winning Outlaw Triathlon Series, will revert to a mass start and a one-lap swim for 2022. The event is set to take place on Sunday 24 July over a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.

Time trial starts have been operating at Outlaw events since 2020 out of necessity when social distancing was the law. This format was used at last month’s Outlaw Half Nottingham, but the flagship full distance event with take place with its original start format.

Event director, Iain Hamilton said: “Time trial starts have been really embraced by competitors. The post event survey after Outlaw Half Nottingham had almost 85% of competitors saying they preferred them, but we feel that the original Outlaw should be different.

“Outlaw events use partially open roads, and it’s safer if athletes are more spread out. Using the time trial format, we noted that there were fewer drafting penalties. For the full distance event, people naturally spread out along the route because the swim is so much longer.

“The spectacle of a mass start at Outlaw Nottingham is something that’s very special and we want to bring it back for the first time since 2019. With the amount of space that we have, athletes can spread out at the start, so those wanting a head-to-head race can have it, and those that want their own space can find it.

“We plan to keep the time trial format for the Half distance events, there are a lot of benefits operationally and the dive starts are really cool to watch, but we’re excited to return to a mass start for the full distance event this year.”

The forthcoming Outlaw Half Holkham event on 3 July will operate with a time trial start format, with the fastest swimmers going off first. Currently, the plan is to run Outlaw Half Bowood (4 September) and Outlaw X (25 September) in time trial start format.

Outlaw Triathlon Series 2022:
15 May: Outlaw Half Nottingham
3 July: Outlaw Half Holkham
24 July: Outlaw Triathlon
4 Sept: Outlaw Half Bowood
25 Sept: Outlaw X – British Middle Distance Championships

Find out more here. Entries are still available for all events.